Varsity Team - Girls (International School of Kuala Lumpur, ISKL)

“Your time,effort and dedication to train us this season is something we all treasure as a team. We have all improved tremendously and would not have been able to do so without your guidance. You pushed us all out of our comfort zones and showed us what we are really capable of doing and at the end this was shown during the season.
We know that you truly helped us grow the team’s confidence and we know that the team will be strong and ambitious next year. Thank you for making this season a fun and amazing experience”.


Family de la Giroday:

“Dear Coach Jens and dear coach Cosmin. Thank you so much for helping us these few past years, it has made us a whole lot better. We are so grateful to have you as our Coaches. You are so funny, enthusiastic and of course, very helpful.
We would not have asked for more. You will be missed a lot. Good luck in the future”.


Reinhold Comprix (CEO ever-court Tennis consulting)

“Jens Hiestermann was a perfect organizer and Team Player for our Event-weeks with Wimbledon champion like Peter McNamara, Neale Fraser, Claudia Kohde Kilsch etc. He was one of the best in the ever-court Tennis Team. Thank you     Jens“.


Danielle Mollenhauer (Vacationing Coaches President)

“Jens H. has been a true asset to the Vacationing Coaches Program. He has brought tremendous amount of talent to the tennis court.
The Iberostar Resort has been quoted as saying that Jens is the best Tennis Coach that the Resort has ever had. I am proud to have Jens as part of my team. I would not hesitate to place him in any 5 star resorts around the world”.


Lornezo Martinez (Director of Tennis & Leisure in Club La Manga)

“Jens proved himself to be a hard working reliable person and his involvement with the clients has been first class. His personal manner, enthusiasm and
Tennis coaching skills have been outstanding”.